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We specialize in creating Business Continuity and IT Disaster Recovery programs that meet the unique needs of organizations of all sizes in nearly every industry.

Why is Business Continuity Planing (BCP) and Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) important for your organization? It enables organizations to protect themselves from and to minimize the disruption of various natural disasters and man-made outages. BCP and DRP focuses on your business recovery and the operational functionality of business critical IT systems that have failed either due to component failure, data center failure, or some other incident or disaster. The goal of DRP is to implement a disaster prevention program to rapidly restore IT operational capability thus minimizing the disruption of critical business applications.

– Business Continuity Management (BCM) Program Assessments and initiation
– Risk Assessments
– Business Impact Analysis
– Crisis and Incident Management Planning

– IT Disaster Recovery (ITDR) Plans Assessments and Development
– ITDR options and cost analysis

Interesting Disaster Recovery Facts

20% of companies which will suffer fire, flood, power failures, terrorism or hardware/software disasters
Of those without a DR Plan, 80% that experience a significant data loss are likely to go out of business within one month.
43% of businesses unable to resume operations within 10 days will never reopen or open with significant financial losses.
Is your organization’s IT Strategy in line with its business goals and direction? Do you know where your business is going in the next 3 to 5 years?  When was the last time you revisited your corporate IT Strategy to ensure that it is still aligned with your business direction?  Do you have a framework in place which will measure and report on your success, information security and information privacy?

These are only some of the critical questions to ask an organization’s stakeholders. Our experienced team of advisors will ask the right questions, develop detailed business requirements based on the assessment of your organization’s current technology state, and provide the right solutions that will address your corporate IT challenges.

Our IT solutions will be tailor fit to your business.  StratoGrid’s experienced specialists will provide an in-depth analysis of your people, processes and procedures.  The correct analysis of your information will provide the competitive advantage that your organization’s peers lack.  StratoGrid excels in the development of strategic plans and IT roadmaps.  This approach will ensure an alignment convergence of your Business and IT goals.

– Virtual CIO services
– IT Projects reviews and prioritization
– IT Budget review and optimization
– IT Strategy development

CIO’s top priorities

Cost Optimization
Cloud Initiatives
Data Management & Analytics
Security initiatives
Until recent times, IT organizations were referred to as cost centers.  The status quo of the IT norm was plagued by issues such as too many servers to manage, mediocre application delivery and performance, and constant resource capacity challenges.  Today the primary role of an IT organization is to deliver services that will enable and support the business direction.  At the same time, the technology landscape has changed significantly.  Making the best technology choices is critical for establishing and maintaining the competitive edge of a successful business.

The optimum blend of service selections from a plethora of choices is a daunting proposition for the modern business.  Service options can include, but are not limited to, in-house, managed, outsourced, cloud, and hybrid service solutions.  StratoGrid can help your business make these critical choices with our experienced staff of experts.  We will ensure that your business avoids the cost of mistakes resulting from needless solution complexity and extraneous technology.  Our advisors will help you analyze your current infrastructure and application state and present service and technology options that best support and align with your business direction.  Contact StratoGrid and enhance your business competitiveness today.

Net percentage of organizations increasing spending

Cloud Applications
Business Applications
Cloud Infrastructure
Network Infrastructure
Datacenter Infrastructure
Today’s information technologies are changing rapidly.  The server processing requirements and the corresponding data usage demands are growing exponentially.  The promise of employing cloud services to help alleviate this challenge is a tempting solution.  However, cloud services can introduce additional integration complexity with you organizations people, processes and IT infrastructure.  In addition, 3rd party intranet connections may expose your vital business information and data to external security threats.  This can create the perfect storm that could quickly overwhelm your IT department and result in the loss of current business opportunities and clients.

Our team of experienced advisors will help you assess your IT infrastructure and current state architecture.  They will assist you with the identification of potential gaps and develop remediation plans to address the corresponding findings.  StratoGrid’s targeted remediation plans will prioritize tasks based on risk level and importance to the business.

Typical IT Assessment findings

Percentage of datacenter facilities which are significantly increasing risks to an organizations IT operations
Percentage of organization using outdated and unsupported operating systems and applications
Percentage of organizations with poorly documented and incomplete IT Disaster Recovery Plans
Percentage of organizations which are behind on infrastructure hardware refresh
– Disaster Recovery Planning and Options Analysis
– Business Continuity Planning
– IT Project Management, Project Assessments and Project Recoveries
– Datacenter and IT Operations Assessments

– Datacentre Consolidations and Migrations
– IT Options Analysis and Market Research
– Public and Private Cloud Advisory Services (e.g. Azure, Office 365, VMware, Citrix, etc.)
– Information Security Control Framework Assessments and Documentation
– Creation of Information Security Control Frameworks (ISO 27002, ISO 27013 Control Standards)
– Threat and Vulnerability Risk Assessments for IT Applications and Infrastructure
– COBIT and ITIL Organizational Assessments

 Consulting Services

 Our Consulting Team 


Alex Jankovic, CBCP, ITIL
IT Strategist and Principal Consultant

Mr. Jankovic is an IT Strategist and Business Continuity Management Consultant. He is an experienced information technology professional, Certified Business Continuity Professional and IT project manager with broad expertise in: strategic business planning, business and IT continuity strategy, IT strategy, IT transformation, IT infrastructure and operations management, client/vendor relationships, and enterprise solution architecture. During the course of his career, he was responsible for providing technical leadership and architecture on several multi-million dollar IT implementation, transformation and recovery projects for both domestic and international clients, and development of the business continuity plans and management programs.

In addition to his technical and business continuity expertise, Alex has proven communications and conflict management experience. He is highly regarded for building, managing and transforming disparate resources into cohesive effective teams that can finish projects on time and on budget as well as bring consensus from stakeholders. Mr. Jankovic’s experience stretches across public and private sectors, including financials, utilities, retail, healthcare and manufacturing.

Omar Kitchlew, ITIL, VCP, CCEA
IT Architect and Sr. Infrastructure Consultant

Mr. Kitchlew is an IT Architect and Senior Infrastructure Consultant. He has over 20 years of experience in IT Infrastructure, with a focus on Microsoft Technologies, Citrix and VMware virtualization solutions.  He was responsible for project management, design and implementation of many complex datacenter consolidations and mid-scale to large-scale infrastructure environment designs and implementations.

Mr. Kitchlew has an extensive experience in IT applications and systems in both public and private sectors, including healthcare, transportation and retail.

Mark Koehler, B.Sc., B. Eng
IT Security Architect

Mr. Koehler is a Senior IT Security Architect with over 20 years of experience in the industry.  He has a broad and deep expertise in IT Security, Governance, and Compliance.  He is experienced with CSAE 3416 and ISO 27001 audits.  Mr. Koehler has conducted extensive threat and vulnerability risk assessments of network technologies and applications in a variety of sectors in conjunction with control gap analysis and remediation.  In addition, Mr. Koehler has wide-ranging experience in the creation of security control designs for corporate infrastructures employing ISO/IEC 27002/27013, COBIT, PCI-DSS, PIPEDA, HIPAA & SOX frameworks and standards.

Mr. Koehler’s experience spans across financial, manufacturing, utilities and communications sectors.

Abdi Ibrahim, TOGAF, MCSE

Senior Technical Architect

Mr. Ibrahim is a Senior Technical Architect with over fifteen years of IT Industry experience.  His primary interests have been in Enterprise Architecture and Service Oriented Architecture (micro-services) in large Data Centers where he implements Cloud based core services such as Distributed Compute, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) primarily on Open Source technologies: OpenStack, Ceph, AWS, Docker and CloudFoundry.

Mr. Ibrahim is an advisor to a C-level executives in both private and public sectors, on IT strategies and future-state architectures around disruptive IT transformation, enterprise Private Cloud and business agility. In the last 5 years he spent a considerable amount of time and energy in developing and providing thought-leadership on how to transform today’s technology architecture to support new and emerging trends such as Cloud, application containerization, agile development leveraging CI/CD in DevOps context, Web 2.0 technologies (MEAN stack) and business insight (Big Data Management).

Dana Burns, VCP, MCSE
Senior Technical Consultant

Mr. Burns is a Senior Technical Consultant with over 20 years of industry experience and 30+ industry recognized certifications. Ha has proven technology leadership and team building skills, strategic vision and expert technical abilities in Enterprise Infrastructure technologies, as well as a strong interests in IT service delivery and support. Mr. Burns led and managed planning and operational teams through large scale projects such as the design and build of state-of-the-art data centers, virtualization infrastructures and messaging migrations. He created strategies around IT risk management, service availability, service delivery, data protection, security and compliance, utilizing methodologies and frameworks such as ITIL, MOF, SOA and TOGAF.

Mr. Burns consulted private sector organizations, with the strong focus on mentorship, quality of service, integrity and the customer experience.

Peter Grewal, CCIE, CISSP, CCDP
Sr.  Network and Infrastructure Architect

Mr. Grewal is a Senior IT Network and Infrastructure Architect.  He has over 15 years of experience in complex enterprise networking solutions, employing CISCO networking and security products.  In addition, he has an extensive and deep knowledge of F5 load balancers, CheckPoint firewalls and Juniper network and security solutions. Mr. Grewal was engaged on the large scale network transformation and cloud integration projects, where he delivered network architectures, designs and implementation services.

Mr. Grewal has proven experience in both public and private sectors, including: healthcare, financial, retail, manufacturing and communication. 

Stephen Mehta, ABCP
Business Continuity Management Consultant

Mr. Mehta is an experienced business continuity professional. He brings more than 8 years of experience in security, business impact analysis, emergency management, and risk analysis, specializing in financial sector. He has consulted for a variety of public and private organizations in all areas of business continuity.

Mr. Mehta holds an Associate Business Continuity Professional (ABCP) certification, Bachelor of Business Administration and a Master of Infrastructure Protection and International Security.

Sung Park, CISSP
IT Security Consultant

Mr. Park is a Senior IT Security Consultant with 17 years of experience in the Information Security field. He specializes in the development of security controls, security compliance audits and project management.  One of Mr. Park’s primary focus areas is on internal security control evaluation and security incident response protocols.

Mr. Park has a proven track record of delivering information security projects, along with leadership and hands on technical security knowledge in both private and public sectors.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with the following organizations

We’ve had the pleasure of working with the following organizations