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Business Continuity Management as a Service (BCMaaS) is designed for organizations with limited business continuity resources.

Once developed and implemented, all Business Continuity Management (BCM) Program components, including the Business Continuity Plans (BCP) and IT Disaster Recovery Plan (IT DRP), will need to be operationalized and continuously updated, tested and enhanced.

This typically means that internal staff will need to be allocated to support the BCM program activities within the organization, and most of the time, this will be in addition to their regular job activities.

StratoGrid Advisory recognizes that many organizations don't have internal Business Continuity expertise, which significantly reduces their capability to respond to unexpected business disruptions. 

We offer a BCM as a Service (BCMaaS) capability, which will assist your organization with all operational aspects of the BCM Program. 

BCMaaS is for Small and Medium-Sized Organizations

This service is specially designed for small to medium-size organizations with limited or no Business Continuity resources.

Once the BCM Program is implemented, we will establish a regular review cycle with your team, update the BCM Program components and ensure that all changes are captured, implemented and communicated.

Our BCMaaS is Industry Recognized

Business Continuity Management as a Service (BCMaaS) capability and StratoGrid Advisory was nominated by Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRI) in the 2019 Product/Service Provider of the Year category.

This was to recognize our efforts in assisting a small and medium-sized organization's developing, improving and maturing their business continuity and IT disaster recovery capabilities.

Maintenance, Testing and Training

A BCM Program maintenance regime ensures that all program relevant documentation is updated and still aligns with overall Business Continuity requirements.

BCMaaS includes the following activities:

  • BCM Program components maintenance and updates (e.g. BCM Program policy, Business Continuity Plan, IT Disaster Recovery Plan, Crisis Management Plan, etc.)
  • New regulation and compliance requirements review
  • Business Impact Analysis annual refresh
  • A Business Continuity Strategy review and update
  • Business Continuity plans testing and exercising (annual tabletop exercise)
  • Leadership and stakeholders training (onboarding), and updates of the BCM Program awareness material

Our BCMaaS offering comes with an in-house developed BCM Program management tool, which will assist your organization in completing the Business Impact Analysis and with the development of Business Continuity Plans.

BCMaaS will reduce your BCM Program maintenance costs and possibly eliminate a requirement for full-time dedicated Business Continuity resources!

You'll be in good company

Business Continuity Management as a Service

Business Continuity Management as a Service (BCMaaS) will improve your organizations' resiliency.

This service is designed for small and medium-sized organizations without dedicated business continuity resources. 

BCMaaS typically includes BCM Program documentation updates, training and testing activities, but it can be tailored for your organization.

Let us demystify Business Continuity Planning for your organization.


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Smaller organizations Business Continuity challenges

have no dedicated BCM staff!
Inadequate BCM Program maintenance!
Have not trained their staff!
React after a disruptive event!

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