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Business Continuity Management

An Introduction to Business Continuity Planning

BCP Introduction

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) should be one of the top priorities for organization leaders. BCP is one of the components of the Business Continuity Management (BCM) Program which should, in theory, be implemented in organizations of all sizes. Organizations have to develop response plans to deal with events related to natural disasters such as hurricanes,…

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Is Business Continuity Planning dead? Not really!

No, BCP is not dead

The death of the business continuity planning and profession has been predicted quite a few times over the last decade. Some reports have even gone as far as to declare that is already dead. When asked about the status of their business continuity planning efforts, many organizations respond that either it provides limited value or…

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Business Continuity is not a Data Backup

Business Continuity is no a Backup

There is something which bothers many Management Consultants in the Business Continuity and Information Technology field. Have you tried to search for the terms “Business Continuity” or “Business Continuity Planning” on Google or Bing search engines recently? Please do and the results may surprise you. Once you skip over a few Google ads and relevant,…

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BCM Trends for 2019

2019 BCM Trends

The Disaster Recovery Institute (DRI) recently released its 4th Annual BCM Trends and Predictions Report, which provides predictions for resilience trends in 2019. There are 10 predictions in the report, but this article will explore 5 with the highest impacts. Business continuity planners must always be on the lookout for such trends to ensure that…

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BCM Program Governance is a key for it’s success

Importance of Governance to the success of BCM Programs

According to, governance is defined as “the system of rules, practices and processes by which a firm is directed and controlled.” Governance is a vital part of every organization because it ensures that employees and management at all levels of the organization are doing the right things and working to reach the same common…

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Not another audit?

An Audit

An Audit. Again? Some organizations think of audits as tedious, and often unnecessary, accounting procedures, rather than as a powerful business tool that can be used to improve the organization’s capabilities. At its core, an audit is simply an assessment used to discover which areas the business will require a focus in the future. These…

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Risk Assessment – Is it worth the time and effort?

Risk Assessment Post

Should your organization execute a Risk Assessment? Is it worth the time and effort? It is often a long and complicated process, which may discourage some organizations from fully committing to it. This article will address the importance of the Risk Assessment as a general business tool, as well as in the context of Business…

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IT Disaster Recovery Planning – “No worries, we have a backup?!”

IT Disaster Recovery Planning

When asked about their organization’s IT Disaster Recovery (ITDR) plans, some will smile and say, “Yes, we have a backup and it is fully outsourced.” This type of response will set off a few red flags with the Business Continuity Planners, but many organizations do not understand why it is so problematic. This article will…

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Why the Business Impact Analysis is Challenging for an Organization with Constant Changes

Why the Business Impact Analysis is Challenging for an Organization with Constant Changes

In a Business Continuity Management (BCM) Program, there are specific professional practices that must be adhered to. The Disaster Recovery Institute (DRI) outlines the first steps as Business Continuity Management (BCM) Program Initiation and Risk Assessment, with the third being the Business Impact Analysis (BIA). This practice is outlined in the following tasks: Identify and prioritize…

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BCM as a Service (BCMaaS)


We are humbled and proud that Business Continuity Management as a Service (BCMaaS) capability and StratoGrid Advisory are nominated by Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRI) in the 2019 Product/Service Provider of the Year category. This is to recognize our efforts in assisting the small and mid-sized organization’s developing, improving and maturing their business continuity and IT disaster recovery capabilities.  …

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