Business Continuity Management and Planning (BCM/BCP), IT Disaster Recovery Planning (IT DRP), Business Impact Analysis (BIA), BCM as a Service (BCMaaS)

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We specialize in the development and implementation of BCM Programs that meet the unique needs of organizations of all sizes in nearly every industry.

Why is a BCM Program important for your organization? The BCM Program provide your organization with the ability to effectively respond to threats such as natural disasters and data breaches. It also protects the business interests of your organization. StratoGrid Advisory BCM Program expertise stretches across the following areas:

  • BCM Program development, implementation and maturity assessments
  • Business Impact Analysis and Risk Assessments
  • Crisis, Incident and Emergency Management Planning
  • Supplier/Third Party/Vendor Risk Management
  • IT Disaster Recovery Planning (IT DRP), assessments and development
  • BCM Program components training and awareness
  • Program components testing – Tabletop exercises
  • Our proven approach follows ISO 22301, ISO 27031, FEMA (ICS), NIST 800-34 and other industry leading standards and best practices

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Organizational Business Continuity Planning (BCP) is one of the most critical components of any recovery strategy. Unfortunately, not every organization develops a BCP, which increases risks and reduces operational readiness.

A BCP is very important, and will ensure your organization minimizes costs and reduces service delivery downtime. A solid BCP could actually mean the difference between whether your business fully recovers, or is one of many that simply cannot recoup the losses and goes under. Our specialists can help your organization with a simplified and optimal approach in developing comprehensive and effective BCP.

  • BCP development
  • BCP assessments and gap analysis
  • BCP testing and exercising
  • BCP key stakeholders training

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We specialize in IT Disaster Recovery Planning (IT DRP) that leverages findings from Business Impact Analysis (BIA) and aligns with the long-term strategic goals and the operational readiness requirements of your organization.

Why is IT DRP important for your organization? It enables organizations to protect themselves from, and to minimize the disruption caused by various natural disasters and man-made outages. IT DRP focuses on recovery of business critical IT systems that have failed either due to component failure, data centre failure, or some other incident or disaster. The goal of IT DRP is to implement a disaster prevention program to rapidly restore IT operational capability, thus minimizing the disruption of critical business applications.

  • IT DRP development
  • IT DRP assessments and gap analysis
  • IT DRP testing and exercises
  • IT DRP options and cost analysis

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Once the Business Continuity Management (BCM) Program components including the BCM Governance and Policy, Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and IT Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) are developed and implemented, they will need to be operationalized and continuously updated, tested and enhanced. This typically means that internal staff will need to be allocated to support the BCM program activities within the organization, and most of the time, this will be in addition to their regular job activities.

StratoGrid Advisory offers the BCM as a Service (BCMaaS) capability, which will assist your organization with the operational aspects of the BCM Program. We will implement a regular BCM Program review cycle with your team, update the BCM Program components and ensure that all changes are captured, implemented and communicated.

  • Governance, policy and guideline updates
  • Business Impact Analysis and All Hazards Risk Assessment refresh
  • BCP and IT DRP updates
  • Training and awareness material

As a part of the BCMaaS, we offer access to the BCM Program software platform, designed to enhance and simplify all operational aspects of your organization’s BCM Program (optional component). This software platform enables your organization with the following capabilities:

  • BCM Program management dashboards
  • Securely store your organization’s BCM Program artifacts in the cloud (BCP, IT DRP, etc.)
  • Operationalize BCP program changes
  • Assist with BCM program components development (Business Impact Analysis, BCP, Risk Assessment)
  • Crisis/Emergency Management
  • Supplier/Third Party/Vendor Risk Management
  • Assist your team in training and testing of the program components

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Interesting BCM Program Facts

of businesses have developed and implemented BCP
of businesses tested and exercised their BCP
of BCM program stakeholders change positions or leave organization
of companies which will suffer from natural or man-made disasters
of businesses unable to recover within 10 days will never reopen or open with significant financial losses