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The implementation of a Business Continuity Management (BCM) Program allows organizations to increase their resiliency and better handle disruptions to their operations. However, the development, implementation and maintenance of the BCM Program often pose challenges.

This is especially true for smaller organizations because their budgetary and human resources are limited…

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Challenges with BCM Programs once Implemented

As outlined in our previous blog post, the development and implementation of an effective Business Continuity Management (BCM) Program is imperative to organizations of any size. Maintenance of the BCM Program is also necessary for the long-term viability of the program. While a BCM Program outlines policies, procedures and…

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Why is the BCM Program Important to your Organization

As a Business Continuity Professionals, we’ve seen a fair share of internal or external disruptions that have halted or slowed, the organization’s ability to meet its mission and long-term objectives. Whether there were caused natural disasters, cyber-related attacks or technology failures, business continuity planning is paramount…

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