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BCP Introduction

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) should be one of the top priorities for organization leaders. BCP is one of the components of the Business Continuity Management (BCM) Program which should, in theory, be implemented in organizations of all sizes. Organizations have to develop response plans to deal with events related to natural disasters such as hurricanes,…

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No, BCP is not dead

The death of the business continuity planning and profession has been predicted quite a few times over the last decade. Some reports have even gone as far as to declare that is already dead. When asked about the status of their business continuity planning efforts, many organizations respond that either it provides limited value or…

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Business Continuity is no a Backup

There is something which bothers many Management Consultants in the Business Continuity and Information Technology field. Have you tried to search for the terms “Business Continuity” or “Business Continuity Planning” on Google or Bing search engines recently? Please do and the results may surprise you. Once you skip over a few Google ads and relevant,…

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