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IT Disaster Recovery Planning – “No worries, we have a backup?!”

IT Disaster Recovery Planning

When asked about their organization’s IT Disaster Recovery (ITDR) plans, some will smile and say, “Yes, we have a backup and it is fully outsourced.” This type of response will set off a few red flags with the Business Continuity Planners, but many organizations do not understand why it is so problematic. This article will…

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Why Hiring Vendor Agnostic IT Advisory Firm is Beneficial for your Business


The most successful businesses know what they do well, what to outsource and when to seek counsel or advice from external entities that are subject matter experts in their respective industries. Consulting and advising are two distinct terms that are often lumped together when thinking about business processes and improvement. Advisory firm professionals have a…

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Leveraging the cloud to drive down TCO and CAPEX

BCM as a Service

It is an undeniable fact that the cloud continues to disrupt all aspects of the IT landscape, and we truly believe that’s a good thing. Businesses of all types are taking advantage of the cloud solutions, as they are realizing that cloud implementation ultimately drives down an organization’s IT total cost of ownership (TCO) and capital…

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