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Business Continuity is no a Backup

There is something which bothers many Management Consultants in the Business Continuity and Information Technology field. Have you tried to search for the terms “Business Continuity” or “Business Continuity Planning” on Google or Bing search engines recently? Please do and the results may surprise you. Once you skip over a few Google ads and relevant,…

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IT Disaster Recovery Planning

When asked about their organization’s IT Disaster Recovery (ITDR) plans, some will smile and say, “Yes, we have a backup and it is fully outsourced.” This type of response will set off a few red flags with the Business Continuity Planners, but many organizations do not understand why it is so problematic. This article will…

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Why is the BCM Program Important to your Organization

As a Business Professional, you’ve likely seen your share of internal disruptions that have halted – or at least slowed – the company’s ability to meet its mission and objectives. Whether there were caused by natural disasters or technology failures, business continuity planning is paramount for the organization of any size. By utilizing an industry-leading…

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SMT IT Disaster Recovery Dependence

Today’s business dependence for reliable and always available IT Services is at an all-time high. Customers and stakeholders appetite for service interruptions are very low, and pressures on IT service providers and IT departments to deliver these services are higher than ever.  Larger enterprises historically adopted several approaches that provided IT service resiliency and satisfactory…

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IT DR Plan

Several years back, we were involved with a large Canadian organization that experienced a complete system outage. This outage was a result of two city-wide blackouts that occurred within the same 30 minutes’ time. Long story short, all of the systems went down. Do I need to mention that the business was unhappy and that…

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