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The most successful businesses know what they do well, what to outsource and when to seek counsel or advice from external entities that are subject matter experts in their respective industries. Consulting and advising are two distinct terms that are often lumped together when thinking about business processes and improvement. Advisory firm professionals have a…

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Why is the BCM Program Important to your Organization

As a Business Professional, you’ve likely seen your share of internal disruptions that have halted – or at least slowed – the company’s ability to meet its mission and objectives. Whether there were caused by natural disasters or technology failures, business continuity planning is paramount for the organization of any size. By utilizing an industry-leading…

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Is your IT Department Still Firefighting

In 2006, defined  firefighting as “…an emergency allocation of IT resources, required to deal with  unforeseen problems.”  A few years later, a leading IT research group noted, “Fifty-two percent of IT departments classify their current state as ‘firefighting mode.’” They closed the research with the statement, “Benefits of improving this state outweigh the cost…

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