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Why Hiring Vendor Agnostic IT Advisory Firm is Beneficial for your Business

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The most successful businesses know what they do well, what to outsource and when to seek counsel or advice from external entities that are subject matter experts in their respective industries. Consulting and advising are two distinct terms that are often lumped together when thinking about business processes and improvement. Advisory firm professionals have a strong working knowledge of their respective disciplines and they exist to help businesses solve problems. Typically, this means working with clients while addressing very specific problems or limitations keeping a company from meeting or maintaining objectives. A vendor-agnostic IT advisory firm is one whose advice is not dependent on specific vendor choices.

Advisory shouldn't be tied to a specific product or a vendor

Here, we outline the many ways that hiring an agnostic IT advisory firm can greatly benefit your business:

Agnostic is Independent. IT advisory firms can assist in many areas – no matter the device, platform or software. They act as an independent entity, not partnered with any particular vendor. This means that there isn’t a push of products or any favouritism, further assuring that the advice provided is really in your organization’s best interest.

Keep your current devices. Vendor agnostic IT advisory forms are typically not Managed Services Providers (MSP), which means that they do not implement or manage your existing technology. Rather, they come in to assess the current state of your organization’s IT and develop an IT Strategy and roadmap. This allows you and your team to stay familiar with, and learn how to better utilize, the resources your company has already invested in. Your organization will then have the choice to continue operating on its own or to further utilize our assistance with certain elements of the strategy implementation. An IT advisory firm can assess your situation and present solutions regardless of whether your organization is utilizing specific devices such as desktop computers, laptops, smartphones etc.

Knowledge and Expertise. Advisers are usually seasoned, reputable professionals with decades of experience in their industry. Rather than investing the time and resources needed to individually train talent in-house, industry-leading organizations will hire outside advisers who already possess wealth and depth of knowledge. They have experience with all types of IT systems and are aware of the resources available to organizations. Furthermore, a reputable IT Advisory Firm will very likely be able to share case studies showing the immediate and long-term impacts they have had on similarly-structured companies. Hiring an expert pays for itself in revenues without taking your employees’ focus away from their existing duties.

The third-party independent advisory is key for an objective review of your IT Organization

Get an outside perspective on your operations. Technology is an ever-evolving factor. Just because something has been done a specific way for years, doesn't mean it can't be done in a more efficient and effective way. Vendor agnostic IT advisers can lend your organization a new perspective based on their expertise, best industry practices, and modern resources. Hiring an IT Advisory Firm allows you to work on a contractual basis until your business is operating well on its own. This gives you access to multiple professionals from a variety of disciplines.

Our IT advisory recommendations are always tailor-made for your business. The experienced specialists at StratoGrid Advisory will conduct an in-depth analysis of your people, processes and technology to determine your requirements and capabilities. The correct analysis of this information will provide your organization with a competitive advantage.

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